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We are the AoT

We are in the lightbulb industry. We help you discover new ideas that can boost your business in a way you never think of before.

Our approach is simple; creative problem solving from multidisciplinary perspective. We are a bunch of geeks with various expertise. From coding to consulting, to branding or financial modelling, we got it all covered.

We'd love to work with clients from different industries, big or small doesn't matter. We don't discriminate. We help anyone finding their lightbulb moment.

Scroll down to see how we light some bulbs.

Case #1

Expensive Real Estate

Problem: Buying real estate is expensive. Building one also requires a lot of money. How if we want to build a hotel or a restaurant or a villa, but don't have enough money?

Lightbulb moment: Get your future customers to chip in for the construction cost. Also, let's play game with them, and make money out of it!

Case #2

The Fall of Print Publication

Problem: Nobody buys print magazine anymore. Nobody reads it unless they have no internet connection. Also, most online magazine sucks.

Lightbulb moment: We give away magazines for free in places where people don't have internet connections. And we make a robot!

Case #3

Can't Book My Spa

Problem: Believe it or not, in Bali, NO SPA provide realtime online booking. Yes, we're quite surprised ourselves.

Lightbulb moment: This one's easy.. Write a software that does that for them. And it comes with your own personal Ninja!


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